Background information:

Solar Water Pumps are an effective solution where Electric power at a remote location is either not available or of very poor Quality to keep the Pump running when required.


Solar Water Pumps are effective, economical to work in remote areas. The present telecom mobile network coverage- availability and active presence of the different established service providers, at least 2G network to send and receive SMS are mostly available in such Remote areas all over India.


The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy’s specifications for Solar Water Pumping; require, Remote Monitoring for Solar Water Pumping system to meet the minimum Monitoring requirements from such systems to ascertain :

the daily water output, the power generated by the PV array, the UP TIME of the pump during the year, Number of days the pump was unused or under breakdown/repairs.”


Keeping this in mind, we are pleased to offer a remote monitoring system that can be suitable for a solar PV pumping system.-using a GSM/GPRS Modem, to send and retrieve information from the remote site location to know uptime, decide further course of action, or plan a preventive maintenance.(At least 2G network /cellular network handling SMS is required at the Monitoring site)


The Remote Monitoring system RMS is to be provided with any existing Solar Pump controller just after the DC Isolator/MCB- required for any / all makes of Solar Water Pumps.-Making it possible to either Retrofit/use with a new Solar PV water Pump system.


The system shall receive PV I/P wires and extend the PV +,- output terminals for Connecting to the existing  Solar Photovoltaic Pump controller.


System operation in brief:


The system shall consist of a Microcontroller with a RS 232 Interface and also have a suitable GSM/GPRS Modem, and which, when fitted with a suitable SIM card, the controller can:


1) Self-generate messages: Pump Off, Pump On. By Date time, Location ID/Number,

2) Respond to any specific Query Message with a predetermined string: "VISTAR VPV IPV KWHPV" from any Mobile to the Designated SIM card number in the controller, at a Remote Site


All Outgoing SMS generation from “Controller” is possible on any 2 {Fixed and set [user configurable] in the program during installation} mobile numbers.


Out of this one SIM/Mobile number (to be selected and advised, procured by us) shall be reserved for uploading messages to a Web server with internet connectivity- and the further subsequent processing on the web site of the received messages.(This is arranged by us where the data from remote IDs is to be collected, saved for future analysis/monitoring)


The second SIM number (user defined) can be user defined/ as per user convenience. The user/his rep then can maintain, manually a daily log of the messages received from a site/s. on his own by himself/herself, suitably, as required.


The response type from the modem at the controller end shall be:



VISTAR DATE 20XX-XX-XX , TIME XX-XX-XX (HR-MIN-SEC) FOLLOWED BY Status Pump On/Off, Vpv, Ipv, Kwh pv. (Values numeric shall be displayed  for example Vpv xxx.x 155.3, Ipv x.x 5.9, Kwhpv xx.x)


MNRE specification requirements of Solar PV water Pumping requires:


Provision for remote monitoring of the installed pumps must be made in the controllers or the inverters either through an integral arrangement or through an externally fitted arrangement. It should be possible to ascertain the daily water output, the power generated by the PV array, the UP TIME of the pump during the year, Number of days the pump was unused or under breakdown/repairs.


Remote Monitoring of Solar Photovoltaic Pumps for Agriculture & Drinking water use.


Solar Photovoltaic water Pump systems are increasingly being used for Drinking water applications and also Agriculture use all over India and world over.


Why remote Monitoring?


·         Water is Life to Human beings, Plants, habitations.

·         Solar Photovoltaic Pumps are “Solar Direct stand-alone systems “-and not Off Grid energy storage type, but can help store water in a storage Tank ; for use at Night-next day. The systems work in Day time only. It may be made to work at nights, when alternate suitable source of energy is available.

·         Where Utility Power is absent or of poor quality due to long transmission lines and a poor infrastructure, Solar Water Pump is the only techno-commercially viable option to users. v/s say Diesel / Engine driven Pumps –which are not environment-friendly

·         Study the Hydrogeological resources over a longer period for a source of water for the Pump. Plan water source management.


What is  required to be monitored?

·         Status of Solar Power & it’s associated Pump on  a given day  & time.

·         The On & Off times of Pumps to know it’s working hours.

·         And the average, cumulative Solar PV energy generated at the Pump installation and available for the Solar Pump system, and derive make a reasonably accurate knowledge of the water withdrawal from the source to a user on a given day/s-from the system.

·         Plan a preventive or other maintenance, by knowing the behaviour of the Solar Pump system at a location.

·         Analyse the Solar Pump performance over a period.


How it is done?

·         Using a Microprocessor controller to monitor available PV energy that is used by the Solar Pump and it’s controller with a suitable Modem. All powered by the Stand alone Solar Array for the Pump.

·         Use available cellular network (Minimum 2G, SMS service-Internet service not required) by the available telecom networks, service providers.

·         Collect required information and auto-generate the relevant information to a Central Station where internet is available. Reject the non-related information.

·         Respond to a Query message from any Mobile to answer to a designated service person’s Mobile .

·         Collect all the information & safely stored in a database on the website for view, download, process, analyse, and generate reports for system Uptimes.